Frequently Asked Questions


How much does ________ cost?

 You can find our complete list of services and prices on our services page

Are there washrooms in the Harbour Office?

 We do not have public washrooms available in the Harbour Office, however we have a portable washroom onsite that is cleaned regularly. 

Do you sell fish at the Harbour?

We do not sell fish at the Harbour Office, however there are many local retailers who sell fresh Lake Erie fish just down the road on Erie St. South, including Loop's, Liddle's, and Taylor Fish. 

Is water or electricity provided to boats in the docks?

No - we do not currently provide water or electricity to boats, with exceptions in the case of emergency. 

How is the lake today, what is the fishing like?

We post daily updates about the weather, lake conditions, and current fishing on our website and on our facebook page. 

Do you sell food or refreshments at the Harbour Office?

No - we do not sell food at the Harbour Office, however refreshments such as water and soda are available upon request. Additional food and refreshments, such as hot dogs, burgers, fries, poutine, drinks, sandwiches and more, will soon be available at Boogaloo's Food Truck, which is located on Wheatley Harbour property. You can find our complete list of services and more information about Boogaloo's on our services page